Morey Saiyaan

"Morey Saiyaan" is a song about how, even if certain love tales are not meant to be completed, the desire and longing of meeting your loved one persists in a lover's journey. It's an outcry to the lover, explaining what this love means, a pinning that keeps the heart awake and alive.


Given the value addition, it was a big risk, especially given the client's high expectations. We were putting in time and effort for a previously created video.

Generation ideas

This is not a love story. Neither is this a story about love. This is an astute fairy- tale about destiny & all its serendipitous wonders. The film is based on the philosophy of coincidence and has musical treatment. The concept was created to depict the relationship between two songs, "Tum Chale Aao" - as well as "Morey Saiyaan." Demonstrate how misunderstandings about love can lead to the end of a relationship filled with uncertainty.


Achieved 1 million views more than 48 hours.