Three Way Thoughts

From high-budget blockbusters to genre-defining films, from working with the industry's greatest performers to debuting new talent in films, from engaging story-telling formats to countless digitally guided breakthroughs.

One Shot Film Productions' new venture "Three Way Thoughts" is a strong production house that controls almost every part of the value chain from production to post production, music and home entertainment, marketing, design, digital, talent management, brand partnerships, music studios and film studios - all in-house facilities, making it one of the most coveted entertainment conglomerates in India.

In terms of films and fun, the entertainment business continues to be the most viewed. Amazing substance, hilarity, or interaction, combined with a well-shot video, all contribute to how a video receives more views. We make certain that our individuality identifies us, and we may provide extra fodder for contemplation through music videos, web series, and documentaries that have some fantastic compelling graphics and visuals.

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