LEDure - LED manufacturers in Delhi NCR.


To create 3D product films for LEDure's 20 products within a quick turnaround time of 30 days.


One Shot Film Productions (OSFP) understood that LEDure needed to showcase their products in a visually appealing and informative way to their target audience. The team worked closely with LEDure to understand their brand values and the features of each product. Using their expertise in 3D animation, the OSFP team created 3D product films that highlighted the unique features of each LED product.


Despite the tight deadline, the team at OSFP worked tirelessly to deliver the project on time. The team used advanced software to create high-quality 3D animations and visual effects, giving each product film a professional and polished finish. The team worked closely with LEDure to incorporate their feedback and ensure that the final product films met their expectations.


LEDure was extremely satisfied with the results of the project. They received 20 high-quality 3D product films within the promised turnaround time of 30 days. The films were successfully used by LEDure for marketing and promotional purposes, allowing their target audience to get a better understanding of the unique features and benefits of each product.