Unleash the Impact of Brand Films: Professional Production


We at One Shot Film Productions partnered with Fanfury to create a captivating campaign that would introduce their virtual gaming metaverse, combining Daily Fantasy Sports, RPG Lore, and Blockchain Mechanics. The goal was to raise awareness, engage the target audience, and revolutionise the Fantasy Sports Industry.


With unwavering passion and unparalleled expertise, we at One Shot Film Productions executed a remarkable feat in just 22 days. We meticulously crafted 5 mesmerising ad films and one awe-inspiring animation film, transcending boundaries and delivering a captivating experience to viewers.

Conceptualization and Storytelling:

Collaborating closely with Fanfury, we delved deep into the essence of the virtual gaming metaverse. Leveraging their creative prowess, we developed concepts that stirred the emotions and fueled curiosity. Each script and storyboard was meticulously designed to transport audiences to a dystopian world of endless possibilities.

Production Excellence:

At One Shot Film Productions we left no stone unturned in delivering an unparalleled production experience. We handpicked talented actors, scouted extraordinary locations, and created stunning sets. Utilising our state-of-the-art cinematography techniques and cutting-edge equipment, we captured awe-inspiring footage that immersed viewers in the mesmerising realm of Fanfury.

Post-production Brilliance

With our masterful editing and sound design, our agency breathed life into the captured visuals. Our skilled team seamlessly integrated mind-bending special effects and stunning computer-generated imagery, transcending the ordinary and creating a truly extraordinary experience. The result was a symphony of sights and sounds that left viewers spellbound and eager to explore the immersive world of Fanfury.

Strategic Launch:

The advertisement films were strategically timed to play during the highly anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022, maximising exposure to a passionate sports-loving audience. The animation film, a visual masterpiece, served as the catalyst for Fanfury's grand platform launch. Optimised for online distribution across various platforms, it swiftly spread the allure of Fanfury's metaverse far and wide.


The campaign proved highly successful, achieving the following:

Increased Brand Awareness: The ads and animation film captured the audience's attention, resulting in widespread brand recognition for Fanfury.

Positive Feedback: Users praised the unique concept, film quality, and integration of blockchain technology, fostering a positive brand perception.

Successful Platform Launch: The animation film served as an impactful launch tool, creating excitement among gaming and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

Engaging User Experience: The visually stunning films, coupled with compelling storytelling and innovative blockchain mechanics, generated high user engagement and participation.