Corporate Film Production Experts : Creating Impactful Videos


Kampai, a renowned Japanese cuisine brand, faced the challenge of reintroducing their restaurant post-COVID while instilling confidence in customers regarding their commitment to hygiene and safety. One Shot Film Productions partnered with Kampai to create a compelling corporate film that showcased the restaurant's adapted hygiene indicators and reestablished trust among diners.


The primary objective of the campaign was to reintroduce Kampai to customers, emphasising the brand's enhanced hygiene measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to assure customers of a safe and enjoyable dining experience while highlighting the restaurant's commitment to their well-being.


Pre-production Planning: We at One Shot Film Productions collaborated closely with Kampai to understand their specific hygiene measures and brand identity. We identified key messaging and visual elements that would resonate with the target audience. Extensive planning was done to ensure a seamless execution of the film campaign.

Scripting and Storyboarding:

One Shot Film Productions developed a well-crafted script that highlighted Kampai's hygiene indicators and emphasised the brand's dedication to customer safety. Storyboards were created to visualise the narrative and ensure a cohesive flow throughout the film.


We at One Shot Film Productions meticulously planned and executed the production phase, focusing on capturing visuals that showcased Kampai's commitment to hygiene. Professional in-house staff were engaged to create an authentic and inviting atmosphere. The filming process adhered to strict safety protocols, ensuring the well-being of the crew and staff involved.

Post-production and Editing:

The footage captured during production was skillfully edited to create a visually appealing and engaging corporate film. The editing process focused on seamlessly integrating interviews, and footage that showcased the hygiene indicators in action. Appropriate background music and narration were added to enhance the overall impact of the film.


The corporate film campaign executed by One Shot Film Productions. for Kampai achieved significant success in reintroducing the restaurant and promoting its hygiene indicators:

Increased Customer Confidence: The film effectively communicated Kampai's commitment to customer safety and hygiene. It reassured customers, rebuilding their trust and confidence in dining at the restaurant post-COVID.

Enhanced Brand Reputation: The campaign positioned Kampai as a responsible and proactive brand that prioritised customer well-being. It helped solidify the restaurant's reputation as a leader in maintaining high hygiene standards within the industry.

Positive Customer Response: The film received positive feedback from customers who appreciated Kampai's transparency and efforts in adapting to the new normal. The audience responded favourably to the messaging and visuals, expressing their eagerness to visit the restaurant.

Increased Footfall and Revenue: The corporate film campaign drove increased footfall to Kampai, resulting in a notable boost in revenue. Customers were drawn to the restaurant's hygienic environment and were more likely to choose Kampai for their dining needs.